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2010 BPS Annual Conference

Conference Venue: Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon
British Psychological Society

From: 14 Apr 2010
To: 16 Apr 2010

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Abstract Title Author(s) View
Group Interventions for Adults with a Disfiguring Condition. An overview of two Changing Faces workshops. Bernadette Castle
Gemma Borwick
Influencing the next round of psychology A-level specifications Psychology Education Board – Standing Committee on Pre-tertiary Education
How do children use humour? Developing a humour styles questionnaire for children and young people Claire Fox
Kerri Lyford
Perfectionism and its correlates among Australian university students R. Hicks
Behaviour change interventions in relation to health: design, implementation and evaluation Convenor: Diana Harcourt
Discussant: Stan Newman
Psychology and the fire and rescue services Kate Matheson
Children’s engagement in art and its educational context Richard Jolley
Facial identification in an applied setting Allan McNeill
Retrieval-induced forgetting and motor sequences in actions R. Worth
I. Reppa
J. Saunders
Being a composer: An insider’s view Carol Chapman
Rebound effects of retrieval-induced forgetting Marcelle Fernandes
Jo Saunders
Self-regulated exposure to familiar music in everyday life Alexandra Lamont
Alinka Greasley
Promoting links between HE and pre-tertiary education sectors Psychology Education Board – Standing Committee on Pre-tertiary Education
Actors as expert learners of prose: 1. A comparison of learning techniques used by actors and non-actors. Deirdre H.M. Way
The impact of working memory load on EEG measures of mental effort and motivational disposition Katie Ewing
Stephen Fairclough
Actors as expert learners of prose: 2. A comparison of memory for prose in actors and non-actors. Deirdre H.M. Way
Exploring congenital amusia (tone deafness): Could memory be impaired? V.J. Williamson
L. Stewart
C. McDonald
D. Deutsch
Working memory and emotion Alan Baddeley
Innovative practice in assessment, feedback and plagiarism prevention Convenor: Caprice Lantz
Workshop Contributors:
Deborah Abdel Nabi
Catherine Loveday
Rachel McCloy
Women in academia: A cross-cultural perspective on work/life balance Anna Beninger
Representations of sleep and the night in literature and the arts Jacob Empson
Visual art-making as a resource for living positively with arthritis:?An interpretative phenomenological analysis F. Reynolds
B. Vivat
Reducing anxiety: Children with special educational needs Mary Mullin
Preaching to the choir? Harmonizing current BPS and HPC sources of professional guidance Eric Y. Drogin
Richard Kwiatkowski
John R. Williams
The impact of IT on sexual and romantic relationships at work Lisa Matthewman
Psychology at the Science Museum Philip Loring
Arts and health initiatives: Participation in community arts projects and well-being Asiya Siddiquee
Carolyn Kagan
Charlotte Garner
Executive function in children with teacher-rated conduct problems Angeliki Kallitsoglou
Relationships in the workplace: A study of the antecedents, processes and outcomes of sexual and romantic relationships at work Lisa Matthewman
The art gallery: A place for enhancing mental health Paul Camic
Neil Springham
Clare Ferdinando
Kirstie Beaven
Participation in the arts and well-being: Constructing a typology of perceived barriers and benefits Glenn A. Williams
Alan Humberstone
Tim Harris
Exploring the symbolic meanings of artistic leisure occupations for women living with long-term health problems through interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) Frances Reynolds
Art and coins Peter Watson
Music performance anxiety: A review Carol Chapman
Levels of engagement with music in everyday life Alinka Greasley
Commitment to elite dance training: Findings from the UK centres for advanced training Imogen J. Walker
Sanna M. Nordin
Emma Redding
Musical beauty: Perception, imagination and invention David Hargreaves
Exploring the borderline: Concepts and practice Barbara Douglas
Emotional and behavioural difficulties in childhood: Context, communities and evidence-based intervention Grainne Ni Mhaille
Reflecting into Practice – the role of research in informing teaching practice Division for Teachers and Researchers in Psychology
Personality-related predictors of academic performance in Danish secondary students D. Mcilroy
M. Kirk
V. Todd
Genetic and environmental links between children’s perceptions of household chaos, and their cognitive ability and academic achievement at age 12 Ken B. Hanscombe
Claire M.A. Haworth
Oliver S.P. Davis
Robert Plomin
Type D personality, stress and burnout: Role of coping and social support Remco Polman
Erika Borkoles
Psychotherapy. Art or science? John Marzillier
Excellence in Teaching Award Has the white bear in the closet noticed the elephant in the room? David Groome
Putting on an act? Exploring motivations and experiences of high cross-context personality variability in young adults Dawn Querstret
Oliver Robinson
Disability psychotherapy Pat Frankish
Excellence in Teaching Award: Rethinking the psychology of tyranny and evil: The science of the BBC Prison Study S.D. Reicher
S.A. Haslam
Learning human motor-skills effectively from instructional animations: A cognitive load and neuroscience explanation P. Ayres
The power of music: Adults’ intense music experiences Alexandra Lamont

Showing 1 - 50 of 268

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