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2010 BPS Annual Conference

Conference Venue: Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon
British Psychological Society

From: 14 Apr 2010
To: 16 Apr 2010

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The Psychology of Anomalous Experiences Professor Chris French
Moderators of service user’ perceptions of their specialist drug practitioners’ attitudes towards illicit drugs: The influence of treatment outcome goals Nicola Mallowan
Nadia Wager
Christina Malone
Our furry friends: Pets as providers of social support Lisa Williams
Gail Kinman
Sources of sports confidence in adolescent athletes C.J. Wakefield
M. Lafferty
C. Jones
C. Triggs
A cross-national study: Exploring the experiences of students’ test anxiety across nations and different genders Simge Vural
Comparing emotional distress among patients with AIDS, diabetes, and hypertension Ashraf Kagee
Moral identity and social goals as predictors of eudaimonic well-being in youth football Luke Sage
Maria Kavussanu
Revisiting sex differences in play: Very early evidence of stereotypical preferences in infancy Sara Amalie O´Toole Thommessen
Brenda K. Todd
The effect of gender stereotyping on children’s memory for emotional expression and help-seeking behaviour Lynsey Rose O’Keeffe
Eilis Hennessy
Standing on your own two feet? A service evaluation of foot-care empowerment talks and their effect on self-care Eileen Tiffney
Wendy Cousins
Sinead Keeney
Living with epilepsy: Beyond seizure control Wendy Cousins
Karen Wells
George Kernohan
Electronic brain training games effectiveness on working memory: Acquired brain injury and non-injured populations L. Kohr
S. Moore
Exploring a psychosocial interactive model of eating disorder symptomatology: Relationship to body dissatisfaction, perceived pressure to be thin, selected personality variables and depression in a non-clinical sample Linda Pedersen
Richard E. Hicks
Measures of subjective vitality in the British Sign Language (BSL) community Catherine Carlton
David Westley
Olga B.A. van den Akker
How do children judge the intensity of positive and negative personal events: Do they think their mother’s perception differs from their own? Stefano Zanon
Camilla Gobbo
The impact of medical and non-medical interventions in the treatment of suicidal behaviour: An analysis of the NCS-R and the Northern Ireland Study of Health and Stress Colette Corry
Brendan Bunting
Siobhan O’Neill
Sam Murphy
Societal representations of DSM-IV-TR personality disorder criteria Sharon Brady
Brendan Bunting
Siobhan O’Neill
Online self-help for bulimia nervosa: A randomised controlled study recruiting from community settings Carrie-Anne McClay
Louise Ewan
Chris Williams
Ulrike Schmidt
Transforming educational psychology through a community-based research approach Robert Klassen
Relational agency within dyadic doctoral supervisory relationships Sheena Wagstaff
Anne Edwards
Socio-cultural adaptation, attachment, and distress in immigrants Marcio Diniz
Antigonos Sochos
Becoming grown-ups: The experiences of peer mentors in an English secondary school Alana James
Peter Smith
Lorraine Radford
Antisocial behaviour and attributional style Amy Potterton
Arune Gudaityte
Pam Maras
Through the lens of social capital: An examination of people’s experiences of community group participation in the context of a healthy living centre Emma Kirkby-Geddes
Nigel King
Alison Bravington
The altruism project: Using service-learning to connect content to community in social psychology Hannah Barton
An investigation into the effects of enriched education on the affect of high ability Chilean children from varying socio-economic groups Andrew Higham
Cassandra Crespo
The benefits of a one-day programme: COAching for eXercise in Ankylosing Spondylitis (COAX-AS) for participants Julie Barlow
Lorraine McFarland
Lucy Tindall
Jane Tooby
Sheila Leddington Wright
Philip Perkins
Jaya Ravindran
The impact of the EPP in the Sandwell area L. McFarland
L. Tindall
J. Barlow
Type D personality, stress, appraisal and coping in sport: The mediating role of optimism/pessimism Mariana Kaiseler
Remco Polman
Erika Borkoles
Predicting physical activity behaviour and intention in British adolescents Michael J. Duncan
Amanda Rivis
Caroline Jordan
Do physically active individuals show lower reactivity to a laboratory stressor? Sarah J. Wootten
Nickolas C. Smith
Exploratory analysis of motivating factors influencing physical activity in older adults Henriette Hogh
Lesley Tranter
Gender differences in motivation of first time marathoners in adherence to marathoning Elizabeth A. Loughren
Michael L. Sachs
An investigation into Type D and Non-Type D personality differences in psychological distress and performance in response to a stress-inducing exercise based intervention Andrew Evans
Can liking your body, valuing your health and feeling in control influence attitudes towards eating and health preventive behaviours? And does gender make any difference? Angel Chater
Natalie Leow-Dyke
‘So you want to be in my team!’ – An exploration of initiation practices and team building activities in sport Moira Lafferty
Caroline Wright
The effects of chewing gum on physiological and self-rated measures of alertness A.J. Johnson
B. Haddrell
E. Harrison
L. Osbourne
C. Miles
R. Jenks
N. Wilson
Living in the present: Time perspective and spirituality as predictors of sobriety and anxiety in recovering alcoholics Sarah Davies
Gail Kinman
True team behaviour in psychology undergraduates: A pilot study using mobile telephony Carl Senior
Peter Reddy
Ming Lim
John Williams
Robin Clarke
Female counsellors’ experiences of working with male victims of female-perpetrated abuse: A qualitative study Kevin Hogan
John Hegarty
Body-size and social status at school: Is there a relation? Ekaterina Kornilaki
Gregory Chlouverakis
Regular consumption of a cereal breakfast is related to improved mood and body-image satisfaction, and may contribute to changes in daily nutrient intake in adult non-obese women Paul Lattimore
Jenny Walton
Sarah Bartlett
Allan Hackett
Leo Stevenson
New developments in professional training for forensic psychologists Kevin Browne
Maternal related predictors of children’s self-regulation Isabelle A. Crossley
John C. Buckner
You’re messing with my head! Disrupted performance on the ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes’ task through spatial frequency filtering Aline D. Scherff
David R. Simmons
Personality traits, thinking styles, social relationships and motivational themes as predictors of happiness M. Khan
A. Gaitan
Order effects of ballot position without information-induced confirmatory bias A.J. Johnson
C. Miles
Self-regulation as a mediator of the relationship between child abuse and mental health in low income youths Ruth Fitzpatrick
John Buckner
Does geographical location and gender impact on rates of Seasonal Affective Disorder? Lance Workman
Gulsen Ozgu
Attentional bias in drug abuse: Psychological mechanisms and clinical implications Matt Field

Showing 1 - 50 of 268

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