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2010 BPS Annual Conference

Conference Venue: Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon
British Psychological Society

From: 14 Apr 2010
To: 16 Apr 2010

Human Givens therapy for war veterans

Piers Bishop
Nottingham Trent University

Barbara O’Callaghan
University of Northampton

Objectives: This poster looks at the effectiveness of Human Givens (HG) therapy for treating trauma in war veterans.

Design: This was a retrospective study looking at all the clients treated by a veteran counselling service, Resolution.

Methods: All clients seen by Resolution who were seen for more than one session were included in this study. The Griffin and Tyrrell (2001) protocol was used for the HG Rewind technique. Demographic data was collected and the Impact of Events Scale Extended Version (IES-E) (Tehrani, 2002) was used at the beginning and end of treatment.

Results: 34 clients were included. ANOVAs indicated that demographic information was not significant to treatment results. All the clients were seen for eight sessions or less, with an average of 3.11 sessions. IES-E scores reduced from an average of 67.24 pre-treatment to 29.29 post-treatment. The effect size using post-treatment SD was 2.54.

Conclusions: This study suggests that HG therapy is effective in treating trauma in war veterans. It is also effective in treating multiple traumas and chronic PTSD (94 per cent had trauma(s) over five years before). Importantly, the positive treatment effects were achieved in four sessions or less, suggesting the cost-effectiveness of this treatment. Difficulty collecting demographic data with this population was also discussed. Larger randomised control treatment trials are now needed to confirm these results.





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